Macronite x Pipeline

Macronite x Pipeline

08:00 AM - 02:00 AM

Dolan's Warehouse
Dock Road, Limerick, Ireland V94 PD79

Macronite x Pipeline

DJ Stingray
Niki K b2b Greaney
Dan Sykes b2b Ruan

/// KASBAH \\\
Tokin’White Boy
Bill Baramus

/// UPSTAIRS \\\
Confucius MC w/ DJ Jazz T
PX Music Showcase
Citrus Fresh
Strange Boy
Hazey Haze

/// PRE-SHOW \\\ (From 20:00 Upstairs)
Adam Sixs

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Back to the future.
9 years have passed since that rainy cold January night the Macronite crew first descended on Dolans. “Unite” was the banner and tagline.
During this recession time, venues were closing down and many promoters were in essence; lacking sufficient spaces for their artistic outputs. A collective, formed from necessity, quickly became a force of its own. It comprised of friends with various skill sets and ideas, but with one main objective, to push boundaries of what they had done before as individuals, but now together as one.

They formed themselves into a super club, bringing some of the most forward thinking and underground acts to Limerick city. The club ran across three rooms, which now is standard. However, Macronite furthered the multi-genre club experience to another level. Constantly bringing high end sound system solutions, absorbing visuals, and quality acts to any arena they entered.

This time we come together in to raise money for The Bimiri Foundation, All proceeds with be donated to the foundation for their ongoing project, building a pipeline of fresh water to a remote village in Nepal.